Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wedding Details, Details

The next time I have to apply for medical school or residency, I demand that all of my letters of recommendation recognize extol my wedding planning prowess.  I would also like some acknowledgement of my recent advances in non-dairy baking, but that is a topic for another post :)

When I started wedding planning in 2010, I had a vision...

The vision continued here and in other wedding-related posts.  As you know, I then started to dive into what Mike will eternally refer to as "making invitations," which is actually an umbrella term encompassing all of my wedding DIY projects that he was forced to participate in. 

Then the wedding happened, and without the help of my dear family, none of the following would have existed.

Above are some details of attire, including my beautiful lace gown that was made in Vietnam by our favorite tailor, Mr. Song Oanh. I also wore a traditional Vietnamese gown which was also lace and featured an embroidered phoenix, which symbolizes the bride (the dragon symbolizes the groom and the two are traditionally pictured together in Vietnamese wedding garments and decor).

My hairpiece was custom made to my specifications by my crafty sister-in-law Talia, who recently acquired a new glue gun.

Even my mom was compliant with the wedding color scheme (lavender and dark red).  The groomsmen and bridesmaids are perfectly coordinating, as per my vision (above).  The bridesmaids wore lavender Ann Taylor dresses with shoes and jewelry of their choice.  The groomsmen wore grey suits and heathered lavender Express cotton ties. 

My little cousins tossed flower petals down the aisle in little burgundy bubble dresses that my mom found at Burlington.  Two days before the wedding, I encountered the rose hair pieces for them while wandering around the Strip District (Pittsburgh) with Mike. 

I had never seen so many flowers in my parents' basement.  They were from Costco, which is kind of an amazing place.  We made all of the bouquets, boutonnieres and table centerpieces (as per our prior flower adventures). 

My bouquet was made by a florist, who managed to procure deliciously dark red calla lilies and plump red roses.  I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful bouquet. 

My all-buttercream cake! As you saw above, I had two cakes.  The piano cake was non-dairy so that Mike could have cake as well. 

Photo credits: Paul Meyer Photography and my Uncle Tam
Flower credits: my mom, aunts, uncles, cousins, MOH and Blumengarten Florists

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