Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wedding Aftermath

Wow, getting married is exhausting!  Perhaps you don't believe that I got married (in spite of all the wedding invitations that I lovingly blogged about earlier this year).


In true Bridezilla fashion I again made a photobook and took photos of it.

These are from our little Vietnamese ceremony photoshoot, photos courtesy of my Uncle and Cousin.

Some getting ready shots, cousins and sisters-in-law.

Our farm photoshoot! Don't the groomsmen look handsome? They were stealthily treading around all the chicken poop. 

Scenes from the reception. Note our adorable little Kosher piano groom's cake.

There are my parents looking all patriarchal/matriarchal standing on their lawn.

This farm photoshoot was no joke, they brought out the antique tractor for us!

In the greenhouse, and our "You may kiss the bride" moment.

Our dear friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen.

Photography: Paul Meyer Photography, my uncle Tam, my cousin-in-law Ben
Photobook: Adoramapix

Indeed, getting married was amazing, now onto being married...

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