Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Talbots, Cardiology Outfits, Amish Country

AHA! I've got your attention with the random combination of the above subjects.  Maybe you wonder how I will tie them all together, well, the answer is that I won't. In fact, I'd like to add some more topics to the mix: calligraphy, pink Marco Tagliaferri bag, lavender nails

While I was on inpatient cardiology teaching service, I managed to get dressed 5 times.  Please note my sock bun in the last picture.  My hair is super unwieldy and all of my sock buns unravel within ~an hour :(

1. Top: tailored in Vietnam, Skirt: Anthro, Belt: J Crew, Shoes: Sears
2. Top: Talbots (<3), Cardi: AE, Pants: H&M
3. Top: tailored in Vietnam, Pants: F21, Belt: J Crew, Shoes: Talbots (!)
4. Tshirt: Charlotte Russe, Skirt: Anthro
5. Top: H&M, Skirt: Anthro, Shoes: Sears

I sort of recently discovered how awesome Talbots is (over the last few months).  I also recently acquired new calligraphy markers and calligraphed while on an empty stomach until I became quite dizzy (over the last few hours).

Onto the Talbots...

The featured Talbots items are 1. Blue jacket and 2. Purple Espadrilles
Some favorite returning guest stars are: Pink Marco Tagliaferri bag, Seven7 jeans, Anthropologie trench coat skirt
Behold! I painted my nails purple and wished to 'casually' showcase them with everyday objects.
Clockwise from upper left: Marco Tagliaferri bag, keys with duck keychain, Groom quiz book c/o Danielle, Loathesome Pager

Mike and I went to Amish Country last week and stayed at a great Bed and Breakfast.  While there, we saw many animals, ate a freshly made farm breakfast each morning, learned about the Amish culture and other tidbits about life.

These are some images that evoke "Amish Country" for some.
I never did get a chance to ride on a buggy.  Truth is, they were noisy, slow, and the pooping of the horses was too frequent for my liking.
My hair is in a sock bun (for the moment)!
Chillin' and maxin' out.
Quite self explanatory: I pose by a tractor while Mike interacts with the animal residents of our B&B.
Outfit: Talbots jacket, H&M dress, J Crew pixie pants, Zigi shoes, purse from Amish leather shop (wahoo!)
This is legitimately cool: Mooney Warther train carvings of (right) ebony and ivory and (left) wood + ebony/ivory accents.  This museum, though located in a humble setting, was breathtaking!  Warther used no glue! He is indeed, the master carver. 

On the grounds outside of the Warther Museum.

And that is all, folks.  Coming up next....

- completed wedding invitation suite (2 years in the making?!?!)
- favor boxes