Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Love my Anthropologie Trench Coat Skirt!

Ok, so I've coveted this skirt for MONTHS, specifically in navy.

Shirt: J Crew Factory
Skirt: Anthropologie
Necklace and shoes: Urban Outfitters
 Do you know how many times I've checked the Fresh Cuts on Tues in fits of desperation? Then, I had a birthday and around the same time the skirt finally went on sale.  It was an auto birthday present from the heavens!  The scary thing was that the olive color was sold out and even the navy didn't have many sizes left...it was time to act--QUICKLY.

The inside of this skirt is so adorable and meticulously made I could die.

The weird thing is I'd never tried it on before purchasing it online.  The first time I wore it was right after I tore open the package and took these pictures immediately.  When I saw it in the store back in August, I fell in love with its buttons and the soft but structured fabric. Then I put the regular size 0 up against my body and just KNEW that I had to have it.  I ended up buying the 2P size because the reviews suggested that it runs too long and too tight for some.  On me, I think I could still probably size down.  The 0P would be nice and fitted since the fabric is stretchy.  On the other hand the 2P looks good on me and you can't even tell that it's a little loose fitting. Besides I can tuck in all sorts of sweaters and thicker tops which would be good for impending wintertime.

That's all for now! 

My DIY Save the Dates

We sent out the save the dates recently! (3 weeks ago) Wow, now we really need to have this wedding. I was so nervous to send them out, thinking that they will all get lost, or worse, dumped into a creek. Luckily, our US Postal Service colleagues came through, and at least 5 people have received their save the dates, I know because I harassed them about it. I loved each and every one of them so much that I took pictures of them so that they'll always live on in pixel form on our majestic world wide web:

Behold some close ups.  I wish I could close up each card since they are all different but here are a few:

Who is Sivan, you ask?
This is Mike's middle name/Hebrew name.

Completing this little project was pretty rewarding. The highlight occurred when the postal worker lady gave us stamps in denominations of $.05, $.04, and $.20 so that we had to put no less than 3 stamps on each save the date to add up to the $.29 required to send them.   

All in a day's work!