Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My DIY Save the Dates

We sent out the save the dates recently! (3 weeks ago) Wow, now we really need to have this wedding. I was so nervous to send them out, thinking that they will all get lost, or worse, dumped into a creek. Luckily, our US Postal Service colleagues came through, and at least 5 people have received their save the dates, I know because I harassed them about it. I loved each and every one of them so much that I took pictures of them so that they'll always live on in pixel form on our majestic world wide web:

Behold some close ups.  I wish I could close up each card since they are all different but here are a few:

Who is Sivan, you ask?
This is Mike's middle name/Hebrew name.

Completing this little project was pretty rewarding. The highlight occurred when the postal worker lady gave us stamps in denominations of $.05, $.04, and $.20 so that we had to put no less than 3 stamps on each save the date to add up to the $.29 required to send them.   

All in a day's work!

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