Friday, April 15, 2011

Spray Painting Vases on the Roof

Like many people, I fell in love with milk glass.  Unfortunately, it is quite expensive to buy a load of large milk glass vases in order to make centerpieces like this for 15 tables:

image credit:

Enter, DIY milk glass!!!
I followed these instructions  and trotted off to buy clear vases at the thrift store.  They were having a sale off purple and blue tag items so my large vases were $1 apiece.  Ring ring ring (that was the cash register noise).

when i looked away the exercise ball rolled into the vases.
luckily the vases won. phew!

hehe I also got these actual milk glass bud vases
$1.50 each! (blue sticker sale w00t w00t)

My schedule is really weird right now, I am working every other night for 16 hours at a time so technically I am home during every daylight period of each day but i am only able to do my silly bridezilla things for a few hours at a time (because I am snoozing my head off during the good part of the day).  So anyway, the next day, I bought some spray paint. Then, the NEXT day (today) I am finally able to wreak havoc.

The setup:

Unfortunately, after the first spray made its way to my brain and destroyed a few neurons, I realized that indoor spray painting is the worst. idea. ever. So, like any sane person, I went to the roof.

it was a GORGEOUS day on the roof, i mean it was so ridiculously sunny when I
went back inside I couldn't see a thing.
outfit: on-call fleece, baggybutt scrub pants, vase mitten
hair: silly ponytail

I think it turned out ok.  The paint is uneven but not really that noticeable.

I did not heed the warnings from the others who have done this project
and I got spray paint all over my hands and it is not water soluble.

So that's that.  I also tried a few other projects in designing the centerpieces.  Here's another that I did last week, following this tutorial:

Putting my large quantities of purple paper to good use.

Heavy Consumerism

I just shopping spreed my brains out:

double serge pencil skirt

factory silk crepe camp shirt

petal midi skirt

JCrew had one of their extra 30% off sales again and the coveted yellow double serge pencil skirt became available in 0P which I think will fit well.  I also fell in love with the look of silk blouses in a neutral tone so I grabbed one from the factory line in cobblestone. Then I saw the petal midi skirt which is also in silk and the sandalwood color was so warm and pretty. This impulse buy will be much loved.

This morning, Mike and I quarrelled about his lack of creativity in formal workwear and he complained that his shirts and ties don't match, mostly owing to the fact that his ties are all weirdly patterned and colored.

a sampling of tie friends

Also I noted that he had been rotating the same 3 dress shirts for the last month or so and became concerned that they would fray and pill in the wash/dryer if this pattern keeps up.  Therefore, Mike also had a shopping spree via moi:  (It will be a belated birthday present since I didn't get him anything this year except for a colored printer ink cartridge which i would have gotten anyway for our printer.)

normal colored shirts with normal patterns and high potential of matching even the ties above
normal plain jane tie friends

 And then I felt a little guilty about my exorbitant spending (especially in light of all the wedding planning costs...shudder) so I scrutinized my bank account up and down.  Fearing that my rewards points will expire, I decided to redeem them for some restaurant gift cards to my mom's favorite restaurants: Olive Garden and PF Chang.  It will be a belated birthday present for her. And my dad.  Ok fine, i confess i didn't get birthday presents for anyone this past year. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Silly Prints

I have been incapacitated and bedbound due to a terrible cold!! I usually get sick only once a year and this year I thought I was out of the danger window having gone from Oct through Mar without hardly a sniffle, but alas, I was not spared this year.  Well, during my hour of lucidity last night, I was searching for things I could purchase to improve my mood (and chances of recovery).
I love whimsically printed tops and dresses!  One of my great shopping regrets is not buying this top from Anthropologie:

Anthropologie Raining Pouring blouse
why did I not purchase you when you went on sale for $49!!!
Anyway, it has been difficult to find similarly delectable printed clothing, but here are some that are currently NOT sold out.

In no particular order: boats, bikes, cars, birds, ladies.  These are mostly F21 finds, with the exception of the car-printed item which is a modcloth dress!  I am not inspired enough to pay $$ for any of these at the time :(

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Love my Minnie Pant!

Ah, another compilation of outfits surrounding one beloved article: the bistretch wool minnie pant.
I am no longer using pant in the plural, folks.

Mine are parsley (green).  These pants have a really bizarre disconcerting fit in that they feel really weird on but look good. They are really tight on the legs (hence leg slimming) but relatively loose in the hips/butt.  I cannot stress further how bizarre it's like wearing tights without pants. SO WEIRD. And since the material is stretchy wool (bi-stretch as a matter of fact--meaning they stretch in 2 directions or something, per google search) they get saggier and saggier in the hips as the day goes on.  Anyway so I tried on the 00 regular at the store in charcoal (back in the fall 2010) and the hips were Sooo poochy I hated them; I thought they looked like sweatpants for some reason.  Alas, I continued to long for a slim leg trouser with a flatter flat front so I took a chance on the 00P's thinking the hips would fit me better.  When I first got them I was disappointed that the legs were cropped.  They have a 24" inseam whereas the regulars have a 27" inseam falling at ankle length for me, which was what I personally wanted. I didn't like how my calves were cold.  Plus I tried wearing sheer trouser socks with them but that was just awkward.  However, I think they fit perfectly in the hips and I also randomly went for the green color even though I originally wanted the grey and I am so glad I did! I am mesmerized by this green and have been enjoying the challenge of styling these pants.

For some reason there are hardly any online fashion bloggers reviewing these and posting outfit ideas with them, yet they are always selling out on the website and have never been drastically marked down.  Oh well, I don't know how I can rouse the underground minnie pant wearers to reveal themselves.

So without further ado, here is me wearing my minnie pants (minnie me)!

1. Charlotte Russe tank top, F21 purse, CK shoes
2. Ralph Lauren sweater, Gap belt, shoes from Vietnam
3. Ann Taylor sweater, Bandolino shoes, BLACK TROUSER SOCKS! (awkward?)

1. Unknown top, may be from Gabe's. Express cardigan. Shoes from Burlington.
2. H&M tee, Gap belt, UO shoes.
3. Target sweater, shoes from Burlington.

Caring for my pants:
In a cavalier (or desperate?) act, I washed these in the cold wash and hung dry them instead of forking out the $$ to dry clean them as recommended.  I am pleased to say that they didn't shrink, in fact since they had stretched out from wearing, washing them actually helped them resume their original size.  They have a really weird synthetic smell when they are wet though, not sure what to make of that.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Couch

We just bought a new couch!

Our couch friend, not yet in in his new home.  He is like a big fluffy leather cloud couch.

I have been so busy, nothing to update.  I recently calculated that when I am on call months, I only wear real clothes 50% of the time. The rest of the time, this is the outfit of the day, night, and next day:

hehe. I am usually working harder than this...
In other news I have been collecting wedding inspirations. Pale purple and deep red everywhere!

Edit:  Alas.  The couch was too big to fit into our building!!! Cry...