Friday, April 15, 2011

Spray Painting Vases on the Roof

Like many people, I fell in love with milk glass.  Unfortunately, it is quite expensive to buy a load of large milk glass vases in order to make centerpieces like this for 15 tables:

image credit:

Enter, DIY milk glass!!!
I followed these instructions  and trotted off to buy clear vases at the thrift store.  They were having a sale off purple and blue tag items so my large vases were $1 apiece.  Ring ring ring (that was the cash register noise).

when i looked away the exercise ball rolled into the vases.
luckily the vases won. phew!

hehe I also got these actual milk glass bud vases
$1.50 each! (blue sticker sale w00t w00t)

My schedule is really weird right now, I am working every other night for 16 hours at a time so technically I am home during every daylight period of each day but i am only able to do my silly bridezilla things for a few hours at a time (because I am snoozing my head off during the good part of the day).  So anyway, the next day, I bought some spray paint. Then, the NEXT day (today) I am finally able to wreak havoc.

The setup:

Unfortunately, after the first spray made its way to my brain and destroyed a few neurons, I realized that indoor spray painting is the worst. idea. ever. So, like any sane person, I went to the roof.

it was a GORGEOUS day on the roof, i mean it was so ridiculously sunny when I
went back inside I couldn't see a thing.
outfit: on-call fleece, baggybutt scrub pants, vase mitten
hair: silly ponytail

I think it turned out ok.  The paint is uneven but not really that noticeable.

I did not heed the warnings from the others who have done this project
and I got spray paint all over my hands and it is not water soluble.

So that's that.  I also tried a few other projects in designing the centerpieces.  Here's another that I did last week, following this tutorial:

Putting my large quantities of purple paper to good use.

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