Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wearing my purchases

I was working in the ICU last month...hence the indulgent JCrew haul.  But do you wonder how it all turned out?

Well, last Thursday, I rushed out of work in a frenzy. My little Honda Civic and I flew over all the potholes, small animals, and children just in time to get to the leasing office (that's where UPS guy leaves the packages) before it closed.

I am so happy! Everything fits! Love the muted colors :)
I am wearing my beloved sparkly rhinestone bib necklace from Urban Outfitters and $10 leopard flats from Fashion Bug
1. Zara shirt, JCrew double serge pencil skirt
2. JCrew silk camp shirt and petal midi skirt 
3. JCrew silk camp shirt, double serge pencil skirt, and white belt
I guess I need a 4th combination of the zara shirt and petal midi skirt for completeness of all the permutations....

The next day, I got home from work and decided to wear my new clothes again, but this time my shoes made no sense.
1. a total outfit repeat! (see above #2), F21 necklace, Calvin Klein shoes, trusty Dooney & Bourke bag
2. a shiny orange skirt brand = Syrup.
3. Armani Exchange skirt (it is an awkward length on me!), fuzzy slippers, Target
More to come when I re-enter reality (not land of critical illness) and wear real clothes again!

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