Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shoe Adventure

I haven't been going out lately (err past year), but when I did, I managed to snap some photos:

Top: Guess
Jeans: Paris Blues
Shoes: brand is Jennifer Moore...I got them at Lazarus shortly before it closed, does anyone remember this dept store??
Accessories: Snake necklace, thrifted; bow bracelet, Urban Outfitters

I even curled my hair for this outing but it IMMEDIATELY uncurled!!  I love the straps on my shoes, which is why I left my jeans cuffed. Here is the bow bracelet on a green herb pillow (more on this later).


Dress: thrifted (did I ever mention how much I love thrifting!!)
Pashmina shawl from my future MIL :)
Shoes: from Vietnam

Ok let's segue into the story about this outing with the shoes.  On the day of this outfit, Mike and I were going to the symphony.  Radu Lupu was playing a piano concerto.  He is one of my childhood piano heroes so my presence was obligatory.  The weather condition was clear, bitter cold, about 2" of snow on the ground. We drove round and round until we found a parking spot because we didn't want to pay for garage parking.  We were so proud of ourselves when a metered spot opened up within walking distance of the music hall.  There was a large mound of dirty snow between the car and the curb as is expected from recent snow plowing.  I climbed out of the passenger seat and successfully traversed the mound of snow, making it to the sidewalk unscathed.  But then we decided to walk on the street due to the sidewalk being poorly plowed. Thus, I made way to re-cross over the mound of snow.  This time, I thought I could just step on the snow but as my foot touched the snow, it didn't foot kept sinking.  "This mound of snow is at least 2 feet deep!" thought I, yet my foot continued to sink and sink and sink and sink until I was thigh deep in the snow.  And then my shoe fell off my foot!  As luck would have it, I had stepped into the sewer.  Now, uni-shoed, I hopped up and down and suggested that Mike try to get the shoe.  He lay flat on the ground and reached down into that sewer.  First he pulled out a bunch of dirty leaves/mud.  Then he pulled out my poor shoe!!!! And so I put the shoe on, Mike wiped off the snow on his coat and we went to the symphony as if nothing happened.  Stay tuned for the Inner Harbor Lost Keys incident.

Left Top: Forever 21
Scarf: Forever 21
Coat: from my Auntie
Pants: J Crew pixie pants
Shoes: I <3 Comfort from Sears. $8 (NEED I SAY MORE!)

Right Top: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Coat: J Crew Carlin coat
Pants: J Crew pixie pants
Shoes: I <3 Comfort

Ok, I now part you with two last outfits.  How weird that I wore tops/scarves from the same store each time!!!

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