Friday, May 13, 2011

Just another day

I tried to update my blog yesterday but blogger was down down down!
Here's what I wore today:

blouse from Vietnam
J Crew Minnie pants
I <3 comfort shoes
Marco Tagliaferri bag
earrings from a boutique
belt from J Crew

Pardon my messy kitchen table!! I tried to move to another place to take pictures to mix things up.

I changed my outfit subtly as I took the pictures.  Here's how it all started: first I had my blouse tucked in.  Then I untucked it and moved the belt outside.  Then I put my hair up.  Today the pants really made me angry: they got poochy in the butt!!! ugh. They looked fine everytime I checked myself out on reflective surfaces but felt SO WEIRD.

I LOVE wearing these pants with light blue tops.  Apparently I have enough blue shirts that I haven't recycled any combos yet.

I also bought some new makeup that I'm pretty excited about! I will post about them later.

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