Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pink and Orange

I love love love this maxi check pink shirt.  The non-pink squares are beige/tan lending this shirt a lived-in vintagey feel.  Also it is soft like cotton, oh wait it's 100% cotton.

Also, despite my ranting about the poochy butt of the bi-stretch wool minnie pant, I am a hopeless fool when it comes to skinny black trousers.  I hope the skinny pant look doesn't fade away. I know that wide leg, flared leg and high waists are on the rise (pun!)again and I don't like the smell of it! Back view to demonstrate my new haircut...I didn't style it or anything which is why it looks non-good.

Belt: JCrew
Shoes: Target
Bag: Marco Tagliaferri, from HGBags

Trying out the pants with my favorite orange soft tshirt from American Eagle Outfitters.  They don't make shirts like this anymore! It has a tiny hole on the bottom edge :(

Earrings: from Francesca's Collections, a very nice boutique. My friend Anjani got them for me when she visited a few months ago.  She is going to be one of my bridesmaids!  I think I spotted a bridesmaid dress but that will be the topic for another post.

I am loving these yellow flats from Target.  They are actually quite comfortable. They have a sliver of a wedge heel which feels essentially negligible but looks nice.

I have been getting back in touch with my love for yellow.  I have everything in yellow and one day I will wear all of it at once or take pictures of the items for display here on my blog of silborg.  Mmm I am picturing all the yellow things now as I speak: yellow purse, wedges, flats, blouse, button down shirt, tshirt, sweater, pants, earrings, hair clips, nail polish, socks, even a hat.  Mmm, looks like I lack yellow belt, gloves...

Then I tried the pink check shirt with one of my beloved pencil skirts!  I LOVE pencil skirts.  They are the perfect pick-me-up garment for the middle of the work week when I am feeling dull and grey.

Shirt: JCrew
Skirt: Anthropologie (me gusta the notch at the zipper of this skirt!)
Shoes: Sears


  1. quyen your outfits are so cute, I'm jealous =)

  2. this is tiffany, btw, not some random stalker! my google ID doesn't show my real name, haha