Friday, April 15, 2011

Heavy Consumerism

I just shopping spreed my brains out:

double serge pencil skirt

factory silk crepe camp shirt

petal midi skirt

JCrew had one of their extra 30% off sales again and the coveted yellow double serge pencil skirt became available in 0P which I think will fit well.  I also fell in love with the look of silk blouses in a neutral tone so I grabbed one from the factory line in cobblestone. Then I saw the petal midi skirt which is also in silk and the sandalwood color was so warm and pretty. This impulse buy will be much loved.

This morning, Mike and I quarrelled about his lack of creativity in formal workwear and he complained that his shirts and ties don't match, mostly owing to the fact that his ties are all weirdly patterned and colored.

a sampling of tie friends

Also I noted that he had been rotating the same 3 dress shirts for the last month or so and became concerned that they would fray and pill in the wash/dryer if this pattern keeps up.  Therefore, Mike also had a shopping spree via moi:  (It will be a belated birthday present since I didn't get him anything this year except for a colored printer ink cartridge which i would have gotten anyway for our printer.)

normal colored shirts with normal patterns and high potential of matching even the ties above
normal plain jane tie friends

 And then I felt a little guilty about my exorbitant spending (especially in light of all the wedding planning costs...shudder) so I scrutinized my bank account up and down.  Fearing that my rewards points will expire, I decided to redeem them for some restaurant gift cards to my mom's favorite restaurants: Olive Garden and PF Chang.  It will be a belated birthday present for her. And my dad.  Ok fine, i confess i didn't get birthday presents for anyone this past year. 

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