Friday, April 8, 2011

Silly Prints

I have been incapacitated and bedbound due to a terrible cold!! I usually get sick only once a year and this year I thought I was out of the danger window having gone from Oct through Mar without hardly a sniffle, but alas, I was not spared this year.  Well, during my hour of lucidity last night, I was searching for things I could purchase to improve my mood (and chances of recovery).
I love whimsically printed tops and dresses!  One of my great shopping regrets is not buying this top from Anthropologie:

Anthropologie Raining Pouring blouse
why did I not purchase you when you went on sale for $49!!!
Anyway, it has been difficult to find similarly delectable printed clothing, but here are some that are currently NOT sold out.

In no particular order: boats, bikes, cars, birds, ladies.  These are mostly F21 finds, with the exception of the car-printed item which is a modcloth dress!  I am not inspired enough to pay $$ for any of these at the time :(

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