Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wanted: Pearl Necklace

Woah, blogger keeps on changing! I have been in a perpetual state of the rug being pulled from underneath me.  No, I am not falling down a lot...except for in the figurative sense. Attending: what are the 5 most common causes of brain farts? Me: uh, 1. Ingestion of too much cheese, 2. uh...Iron deficiency? 3. Infection....
Please feel free to substitute all that for actual medical terminology.
At least I dressed myself to go to work.

1. Dress from Vietnam (it randomly fits me better now!), grey tights unknown brand, booties unknown brand
2. Ann Taylor top, Loft pants, Calvin Klein shoes
3. UO dress and hat, Target cardigan and necklace*, Calvin Klein shoes
 *sad: I am mourning the breakage of this necklace.  Necklaces are not meant for brandishing. Nor for striking Mike with. Nor should I end sentences with prepositions (get out of my head, Mrs. Maloney from 10th grade English!!)

I just think its funny that I have THE SAME EXACT expression in #1 and #2! haha!
1. H&M blouse and pants. Banana Republic wedge booties. F21 necklace.
2. Dress from Vietnam, tights from Target, BR wedge booties
3. Tshirt Charlotte Russe, Aeropostale tank, Target leggings, shoes from Vietnam, thrifted necklace

1. "French" outfit: shirt from Gabes, Anthropologie San Pedro skirt, Gap belt, J Crew flats
2. Shirt from Vietnam, Old Navy skirt, Gap belt (the brown one's sister), UO tights, unknown brand oxfords
3. Target cardi and dead necklace, UO dress worn as top, Charlotte Russe earrings, JCrew double serge pencil skirt (1st generation), Calvin Klein shoes
 Sometimes, I loooove my clothes and think that they look like sheer genius (like the UO dress worn as a shirt in combination with the mustard yellow skirt).  I love playing with colors and feel elevated and giddy when colors unexpectedly complement one another.

Other times, I get frustrated and break my necklaces.  Sigh.  I was on the lookout for another one, but there is none exactly like it, with its little glass beads as spacers and accent bead with the rhinestones.  Therefore, I have been crawling on the floor gathering all the beads.  Alas, I looked everywhere around the site of the incident (the crime scene) but could not find the accent bead.  Then, yesterday, my dad picked it up under the kitchen table! Huzzah! Soon, you will meet Pearl Necklace, the Reincarnation, muahaha.

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