Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love my Anthropologie San Pedro Skirt!

Ugh, I had a terrible night on call.  I am post-call and haven't slept yet since I can't...let's just leave it at that.

Four words: second cut/damage discount.  So lately, I've been reading the blogs of Anthropologie lovers who know how to find a great deal so I decided to wander around near Anthropologie yesterday and see what would happen. Original plan was to buy flour since I had used up all the flour during my Cinnamon Bread Adventure.  So I headed for Trader Joe's conveniently located next to Anthropologie.  Accident or Divine Intervention?  Or completely volitional on my part. (Never allow self to wander near an Anthropologie unless serious mission in mind. Also, aren't all TJ's near Anthro's anyway?) I was pretty excited when I saw this skirt, only a 0 and 4 left.  Blah blah, if you go to that link (which I did AFTER I had already bought the skirt) you might not be so keen to get this skirt.  Conversely, ogle and sigh below at Anthro's gorgeous styling of this sleek Eva Franco skirt with its well-positioned diagonal seams and luscious turquoise tweed fabric:

Image credit: Anthropologie

So how did this skirt only score 3/5 on the reviews?

Alas, I agree with the reviews: Fits small and snags like a professional snagger!  Unhappy! Actually the 0 fit me just shy of snug, no need to throw up my breakfast to be able to zip up or anything.  Unfortunately, while trying it on just now to take pics for the blog, I may or may not have passed out from overheating.  So summer skirt, I think not due to polyester content.  Maybe if I don't like it anymore I can re-spin the polyester into a single mitten or something.  Just kidding, you'd have to pay me for me to learn how to do what I just said.
As for the snags, they were only noticeable when I was holding the skirt closely up to my face.  They disappeared while I was wearing it (not sure why), and while I was clutching it to my bosom all night (hey! don't judge, I was on call and needed comfort!).  But I whined to the SA and she took off 15% and gave me her blessing to vanquish the snaglets with scissors, which I also did while on-call.  Sigh, so why was my call so bad?
As a cure for the spiraling of terrible on-call events into a downright disaster (no details here my friends, HIPAA prohibits), I came home and immediately put my skirt on again.  Unfortunately, all of the handling of the skirt overnight and the careless refolding sort of uncrispened that back pleat.  Nothing I can't take an iron to...if the thought ever crosses my mind again.

Here is our friend, the Anthropologie Eva Franco San Pedro Skirt in Turquoise pictured with:
Top: JCrew, tailored. Now it is so tight that I have to detach my arms at the shoulder in order to get in and out of it. FAIL!
On the other hand, it does look much better.  Oooh please disregard the VPL, I am post-call, not going out into public!
Belt: Gap
Wedges: Banana Republic
Flats: JCrew

Ok, ok so the secret is....I had an original turquois skirt love.  No surprise, it was the No. 2 Double Serge Pencil Skirt in veridian green.

(cue: angelic vocalizing)

This green is too sophisticated for my poor post-call addled brain. I have to be honest, this skirt's coloring is more mesmerizing than the Anthropologie one.  I WOULD consider it if it went on sale. Hey! don't say that that's impossible, after all, I got last season's yellow double serge pencil skirt on siggily sale!

Ok, stay tuned for some baking by me!

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