Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gap Jeans for $7.78

Just in case you were wondering how much I got these jeans for, they were $7.78 (!)
As I talked about in my last post, I was trying on jeans at Gap in the mall away from home but after my risk-benefit analysis I decided that $12 was too much for jeans with a chocolate stain and 4 miles of extra length that I didn't need.  But $7.78-chocolate stain = sealed deal. Seal Deal!
I found these at my local Gap for $12.97.  With an extra 40% off, I was finally able to overlook the several inches of denim that I was stomping on and tripping over in the dressing room.  I think I have found the perfect wide legged, high-waisted pant.  My search ends here....or DOES it? 

In Gap spirit, I wore my Gap belt which is probably 10 years old and also scored for ~$7 (with inflation it is probably a $10 belt!!)
Here they are compared head-to-head (leg-to-leg) with my James Jeans--
ADHD MINUTE: is having a James Jeans sale!  I wanted all the jeans but then I remembered I had my own.  These were my 1st splurge on anything EVAR, and the store had complimentary hemming, using the ancient and special technique of  re-attaching the ORIGINAL hem (this was very important to them...and me after being brainwashed) .  Anyway, these are like the PERFECT length for 3" heels. 
See? I would only have to hem the Gap jeans by like 1.5 or 2".

I was planning to hem these myself as I have been known to undertake simple sewing tasks on my own.  But then I was having dinner with a friend and she was wearing this ridiculously well-fitting top and I exclaimed, "Where on earth did you get such a well-fitting top???" and she referred me to a tailor down the street who charged a reasonable fee.  Earlier today, I dropped these Gap jeans off at this tailor's...I also threw in an ill-fitting blouse and 2nd pair of pants (J Crew and Limited, respectively) for good measure.  Come next week I be the proud owner of 3 well-fitting garments. Cha-ching!

I learned how to make gif's in Adobe ImageReady:
I'll say it if you don't, this is pretty entertaining!
Top: Forever 21

Speaking of James Jeans and Gap Jeans.  I apparently own 20 pairs of jeans!!! I stopped buying jeans for a whole year in order to control the jean population.  I tried to neuter them, spay them, give out free birth control, institute a one child-jean-only rule.  But still, they kept on multiplying.  I've been buying jeans since high school; I suspect I do it while sleepwalking.   I mean jeans are so thick and blue and theoretically should last years and years. Therefore, whenever I find a cheap pair of jeans, I think that that I've encountered something of high value!  Most of the jeans I own cost less than $20, less than $15 even.  I started to reflect on my little denim children and felt an unquenchable need to catalogue and classify them by leg type and color.  When I get the Gap jeans back from the tailor I will finish my little Jean catalogue project.

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