Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Magic Week and Golden Weekend

Well, that title only applies to one outfit this week.  Also, I think I wore it on Wednesday so it's not like I started the week with anything magical.  There were only 2 work outfits this week because I was scrub-a-dub-dubbing it up for the remainder of the week.  Though, I have to say that this week was magical in that it was my Golden Weekend!

See? I wasn't lying.  I look like a magician.  There was a bunny in that hat, which is Mike's new hat, but it hopped away.
I am totally trying to rock the men's wear trend.
Outfit #1: Urban Outfitters blouse via Gabe's, J Crew belt and black Minnie pants (first seen on me here), unknown brand oxford shoes
"Assorted Ruffles": blouse from Vietnam, Anthropologie skirt, J Crew belt and flats (Last Straw Flats on sale here)
Accessories: Veggie Sticks from Trader Joes. yummieeee!

While I was wearing the UO shirt, Mike was looking at me from the back and was disturbed because he felt that he should have been looking at my face and not back-of-head.  That is kind of grotesque---all this for a few measly buttons on the back of a silly blouse with a sewn-on sequin tie! This shirt is a 6x6 UO shirt. 6x6 is a collaboration between Urban Outfitters and Boutique No. 6, a NYC-based local shop.  And look! This model is wearing my shirt!

image credit: www.nbcnewyork.com, 6x6

I think I wore outfit #2 on Tuesday. Blouse + pencil skirt is an easy go-to combo. Then, I realized that I was experiencing Deja-Vu-drobe...I had worn this VERY ENSEMBLE 8 months ago during my first few hours of owning the Anthro skirt.  You know, when you first take a piece of clothing home and practice incorporating it into different outfits.  And taking pictures of them:

I am on the phone.
It's true, I have many unpublished pictures of practice outfits dating many years back, waaay before I had this blog and way before I knew that other people blogged about their clothes.

Over the weekend, I partied like a rockstar:

Outfit #3 "Lace Face":
Top: UO lace shirt over other lace tank top
Jeans: Seven7 (thrifted!)
Shoes: Nina
Necklace: H&M

Well all that partying only encompassed 4 hours of my Golden Weekend.  The rest of the weekend, I lazed around and ate food.

Outfit #4 "Boring & Blue": unknown brand top, AE jeans, JCrew flats
Outfit #5
"Ahoy Mateys": unknown brand dress with adorable buttons! Sandals-Coconuts via DSW

I love this little dress. Unfortunately it is largely polyester and I nearly had heat stroke while wearing it.  I wonder if it could be work-appropriate if I wore leggings with it?

Today I had a little adventure---bridesmaid dress adventure.  I drove about 30 minutes to an Ann Taylor in a neighboring town in order to secure a dress for one of my ladies.  I only got lost once and it put me only 5 , or 15 minutes out of the way.  These were investment minutes, said the bridezilla who had possessed me and who was driving the car.  At my request, my bridesmaid returned her dress which was purchased from the website last month for 30% off.  Now the dress was marked down so many %'s off I can't even process the number.  Well actually I can: it was originally $175, I originally got hers for $110 (whereas I was able to get the others' for $69 plus 40% off--> $40ish).  Now there are only a handful of dresses left in the whole wide world and they are marked down to $39. At my local store they only had 1 left and it was not the correct size. Over the weekend there was an extra 50% off sale, but I missed that and only caught the 25% sale which was in-store today.  Nonetheless I got all 5 bridesmaid dresses for under $250 therefore I deserve bridezilla treats.

While on my adventure at the foreign mall, I went into a Gap store and tried on some very nice high-waisted flare trouser jeans.  They were SO nice and soft.  I can't find them on the website though. The only thing that deterred me from buying them was their length (I would have had to hem about an inch off) and a suspicious chocolate stain on them.  Even though they would have only been $12 after discounts, I did not have the heart.  Maybe I will try my local Gap.

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