Friday, August 19, 2011

I love my 20 pairs of jeans!

Jeans are fascinating! Who doesn't own a pair of jeans. Who doesn't like jeans?   Per wikipedia, jeans became mainstream among US teenagers around the 1950s.  In 1885 you could buy a pair of jeans for $1.50.  Well, as you will see, I still buy jeans for less :-p

Here are all of my jeans, all 20 of them.  I am not counting my denim jacket or skirts, since I have a few of those too.

Prerequisite knowledge prior to seeing my jeans:
1. T-shirt: my aunt gave this to me. Daisy Fuentes.
2. Heels: the brand is... Danita K..? They are pretty random but they are cute! 
4. Sandals: Coconuts via DSW
5. Gabriel Brothers, aka Gabe's is a discount store selling (often slightly irregular) products, including but not limited to clothes at a fraction of the original price.  They also sell housewares, furniture, rugs, and food.  They are a good source for cheap decorating, furnishing the homes of college and grad students.  And residents too.  And my mom and dad.   
6.  I made these gifs on Adobe ImageReady.  I learned from a few youtube videos.  How much fun! 

This is similar to how how they organize jeans on shopping websites, by leg fit!  Except the models aren't all me.  And the lighting and everything is flattering rather than, sallow-making!  

1. Paris Blues, these were the 1st skinny jeans I bought back when the trend began.  They are one of the most worn and photographed jeans that I own.  They are stretchy and comfy.
2. Forever 21, I bought these because I was looking for a pair of dark jeans.  They were only $11 or something like that.  The front fits poorly; my hands in my pockets obscure the poor fit.
3. Seven7, I found these at a thrift store over 2 years ago.  These are my MOST worn and photographed jeans.  They are #1. They fit perfectly and I have no complaints whatsoever.
4. H&M, I hemmed these on my own.  Since they are black, you can't really tell! I didn't want to keep on rolling them up--what a faux pas. Oh wait, I do that all the time.  I wear these quite a bit.  I like the zipper back pockets. You know, I never noticed until now that these were so high-waisted...

More jeans after the jump!

Bootcut Part 1
1. DKNY,  I got these probably 10 years ago. My mom found them.  I actually really like the way the look, and I like the pintuck detail but it never crosses my mind to wear them.  Sorry, DKNY jeans, I will wear you more!
2. LOFT, these are so easy to wear as they are short and I wear flats most of the time.  They were only $11 on super sale.  They are a size P00 and refer to themselves as "Slim" like a rap artist. 
3. & 4. School of Women, what on earth is this brand, you ask?  One word: Gabe's.  I got these at Gabe's for $9 a pair.  After I got them, I googled the brand and a website actually came up.  The clothes were like a spin off of schoolgirl clothes.  Interesting concept, but probably not interesting enough as the site is no longer there.  School of Women is no more!  Back to the jeans themselves, well #4 is size 26 and though they look fine, they are a little loose and long on me so I went back and got #3 which is a size 25.  #3 is also slightly darker wash.  I couldn't part with #4 so I kept them both. The detailing on these jeans is remarkable for an unknown brand, notable the seams on the back pocket and at the knees.  They are quite stretchy and need to be shrunk after I wear them but they retain their shape nicely.  They also have nice details on the inside! Joys only known to the owner of the garment:

Bootcut Part 2 Wow I own a lot of bootcut jeans...
1. James Jeans,  Ah, my first splurge.  These were sun-dried or sun-baked or something thereby making them superior to other jeans (edit: they are DRY AGED denim).  They boast a sculpted back pocket which you can't see very well in the picture.  I apologize for that.  They are made of my favorite blend of cotton and no spandex--I hate stretchy denim!!
2. Doll House, these are my "going out" jeans.  They are from Macy's.  They are so ridiculously low rise and filled with spandex that without a belt they would last for 3 minutes on me.  But they have nice pocket details and a seam behind the knee! They are a little bit dirt-washed which I was totally into for sometime. 
3. Paper Denim & Cloth, a fab find from Gabe's.  There was a huge rack of these jeans before I knew what they were.  They fit so perfectly. They have a Japanese tag but I think they are 100% cotton--i.e. NO SPANDEX.  They were the 3yr wash (this was according to my googling; Paper Denim & Cloth jeans come in 5yr, 3yr and 1 yr washes) when I bought them.  I wore them all over Madrid when I studied there in 2005.  They are sporting the 6 year wash now.  
4. Little Big Denim, via Gabe's. These were probably less than $15 but they are so different from the other jeans! After sometime on google, I discovered that they are a Turkish clothing company.  Little Big Denim official website. I love the color and the cut.  They are kinda stretchy which is 1 strike against them but they shrink back to their shape nicely.  And finally, they have a crab on the pocket which I didn't even notice until my friend pointed it out:

Flare/Wide Leg 1
1. Asphalt, via Wet Seal.  I have nothing to say about these...I am guilty of almost never wearing them.
2. Paris Blues, now THESE are antique!  They are at least 10 yrs old.  When they ripped in 2007 I nearly died, but what could I have done? I had worn them to bits. They used to be such a beautiful color of medium wash.  Now they are disintegrating.  No matter, I will continue to wear them until the bottoms fall off and they become shorts. Or a zipper. 
3. Tommy Hilfiger, via thrift store.  They were $1. These are the "trouser" kind.  They are very stretchy.  Like practically sweatpant level of stretchiness.  Maybe they ARE sweatpants? 
4. Z Cavaricci, via TJ Maxx.  I was looking for a pale blue pair of jeans; these fit the bill. The back pockets displease me.  But they sure are comfy!

Flare/Wide Leg 2
1. Random cropped pants, from my aunt in Vietnam. I was actually COLD in Vietnam and relied on these!  They look nice cuffed.  
2. Gap, newly tailored.  Oh, and I wore them with my orange suede heels because I had already put the yellow shoes away.  I'll be honest, I was disappointed with the tailoring job.  Note to self: never go back to this lady again.  
3. Angels, from high school days.  Therefore, I may have broken a nail trying to button them; I'm not telling.  While on my high-waisted flare kick, I suddenly thought of these jeans.  I asked my mom to bring these to me when she visited last week.  They had spent the last 8 yrs in my parent's house!  One thing they've got going on besides being a leading brand in juniors' denim? NO SPANDEX!
4. American Eagle, relatively new acquisition.  See this post for deets.

Well, there you have it. All of my denim in one place.  I think this means that I'm not allowed to buy anymore jeans for at least 10 yrs or until I get pregnant.  Actually I'm forbidding myself to buy jeans even when with child--I will attempt to wear skirts and oversized tops/mu mus! 20 pairs is a bit overkill, even if they are each like little children to me.  Well, time for a post-call nap. [snore]

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