Monday, August 8, 2011

Spring Roll Weekend

Here is a synopsis of the past week in outfits.

Monday was skipped because I can't remember what happened then.

1. Tuesday went to Target to buy lots of Gatorade to prepare for my on-call dehydration as well as many frozen foods (pizza rolls, anyone?). Wearing: Charlotte Russe top, shorts from Target, shoes Zigi via Ideeli
2. Wednesday dinner with friend who told me about tailor, bought the necklace pictured above which is made of clay. Necklace necklace necklace we made you out of clay...Wearing: top from Vietnam, J Crew petal skirt, Target shoes
3. Thursday went to Tailor and Chinese store to buy a boatload of coconut water and pastries...mmm  Wearing: AE dress, Benetton purse, shoes from Kohl's
4. Friday went swimming and went to the mall to buy a massive quantity of sour belts, then ate most of them while wandering around the mall, bought H&M dress pictured below.  Wearing: Daisy Fuentes T-shirt, shorts from Target, J Crew belt, Zara sandals (scored this in Madrid back in 2005!)
5. Friday night on a date with Mike.  Wearing: unknown brand dress via Gabe's, clay necklace, sandals from Dillards many moons ago.  

What next?  I guess next comes Saturday.  I awoke at some late hour on Saturday (2 pm) due to my completely scrambled circadian rhythm.  Then Mike and I attempted to go to a barbecue but we found out that he got a flat tire.  This was my first experience with a spare tire.  Then I went to work.

On Sunday, I had a very random and very brief moment of culinary epiphany.  I made spring rolls completely from scratch, without any recipe and without a single warning.  Living with me means that you have to be prepared for sudden bouts of delicious cooking that occur extremely rarely. The remainder of the time, I ruin pasta by forgetting that I put it on the stove and improperly cook every meat out there so that eaters of my cooking will definitely get food poisoning.   But this time, no one got sick and there were many a delicious spring roll to be had by all!
Wearing: Urban Outfitters dress, cupcake apron, headband from Francesca's
Oh I also saw HP7.2 yesterday and I'm really sad that it's over.  I cried during the Snape death!
Here is the aforementioned H&M dress.  It was on sale for $10 (otherwise I wouldn't have bought it) and there was only 1 left and it was in my size! Hooray.  I had to iron it when I got home but it looks beautiful ironed.  I love how well it fits and the color is very soothing.

First I wore it with its own little chiffon belt and neutral shoes (unknown brand).  I love the gold accents in the buckle and exposed zipper.  Then I wore it with black (F21 belt, booties from Shoe Carnival--what an amazing store) accessories.  I think booties kind of make my legs look super stub-stub :(! Then I decided to put a blazer on since everyone is wearing blazers these days.  I think it is a nice summer to fall transition.  I am proud of myself for wearing accessories since I am usually too lazy to accessorize: earrings from Charlotte Russe and clay rose necklace.

Until next time!

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