Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Krazy Kolored Pants and My First Peplum Top

I say some pretty self-explanatory things in my blog titles, causing me to have little to say down here in the regular text portion of my blog post.  As a preamble to the colorful pants you are about to witness, I must congratulate Forever 21 for manufacturing pants to my liking. 

1 & 2. I saw these monochromatic outfits on JCrew and decided that I wanted to look like a Blue Man.  Top: Target, Pants: F21, Shoes: UO
3. Top: Ann Taylor, Pants: F21, Shoes: BR (you can't see them!), Belt: JCrew ~ I am missing this belt currently :(
4. Top and Pants: JCrew, Shoes: Steve Madden
Ok, a word about those J Crew pants. They are the Hutton Trench Trouser and, on me, they are 1. too big and 2. wrinkly. Shame. I originally tried them on in a P00 and muffin topped my way out of them unattractively.  This was the first time that J Crew sizing was too small on me. Then I exchanged them for this pair, which was a P2 (I made this choice based on how extremely tight the P00 was around my waist).  The P0 is no longer available otherwise it would seem like the logical sizing, no? Oh well, I will keep these, iron them, always stand up straight, and perhaps wear a thick sweater tucked in with them. Problem solved.

And now, my first peplum top:
1 & 2. Top: Marshall's, Skirt: J Crew No. 2 Pencil in Feather Paisley, Shoes: from Vietnam
3. Skirt: J Crew (No. 1) Pencil in double serge wool
4. Skirt: from Vietnam, Belt: J Crew, Shoes: UO

And in real life, the shirt and new F21 pants are worn to Niagara Falls!
I am wearing my mom's Danskos because it was freezing.
I am also carrying my Benetton purple nylon bag and wearing a thrifted moto jacket.

Shirt: AE, Shoes: Sears, Belt: F21
Ok, in truth, these blue pants are a little big loose around the hips.  But this can be negotiated with a belt and by striking only certain poses and...standing up straight.  I had a brief stint when I thought I would take them in at the hip by hand.  But then visions of muffin-topping deterred me from going through with that operation.
Another iteration of these awesome pants at Niagara Falls. With a UO tee.

These outfits were from BEFORE the wedding.  For that particular week (which was in April or May, I can't remember), I carried my MT bag everywhere:
1 & 2. Dress and Cardi: Ann Taylor Loft, Pants: J Crew pixie, Shoes: Sam Edelman for AE
3 & 4. Tee: UO, Jeans: Seven, Shoes: from Madrid
And that is all...up next, all about the time that we bought way too many bananas and what I baked with them.

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