Sunday, August 26, 2012


Question: What should you do when your garments/accessories are plain and boring?
Answer: Put studs on them!

I got these iron-on studs from Amazon with a gift card from the wedding. (Shh, don't tell Mike!) My first victim was an old jacket that seems to have a stain near the pocket.  I put to good use the new iron we got via the wedding. The Wedding Iron. And yes, those are pick-ups from a suture kit.  They are also handy when positioning rhinestones on DIY paper goods.  

First I studded the pockets of the jacket.  Then, I studded the collar of an old H&M shirt and decided to embellish the collar of the jacket similarly.  See final product here.

Then I tried to apply this process to my Amish leather purse.  Moral of story: do not iron leather.  I will leave it up to the astute viewers to locate the warped and destroyed sadness that now plagues my purse.  

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