Friday, June 15, 2012

Wedding Invitation Suite, Part Dos

My guests loved the invitations! Or perhaps they were polite. That said, the encouragement gave me that extra push to start a few more projects: programs, thank you notes, take over the world.

Bridal shower thank you cards

This is our program.  I am still feeling kind of self-conscious about it because I think it needs a bow or a rhinestone or something. Rhinestones have rescued a few of my failed projects. I wish I could be a sheet of rhinestones.  As you can see, I drew a picture of Mike and me.  I then scanned it into the computer where I had the free reign to alter its color and add some more frills to my dress on photoshop.  In the end, I think I could have added the frills by hand with the same amount of effort. But at least no ink was wasted!  I (somewhat brilliantly) figured out a way to print the drawing onto my purple paper (which is starting to become kind of annoying as it just won't run out) with my printer. But then I had to wait a full 24 hours for them to dry.  Then I decided I wanted to illustrate the rest of the bridal party.  While this was amusing for like 2 days, I am starting to think that I'm a little weird...

My little stamps and beloved carver.

Here is a little preview of the thank you cards. I decided to make them all different.
I love Sigmund the Pigmund and Platelet the Penguin wearing bowties. Maybe you can't tell but I put *~*RHINESTONES *~* on their bowties. 

And to think , it all started out with my humble linoleum "printing shop" in our little apartment in Pittsburgh....

Hope you enjoyed that sampling of my wedding-related art projects.

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