Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out of Stamps and Out of My Mind (Thinking About Wedding Food)

I sure gave the US Postal Service some work to do last week: 

And in other news, a straggler wedding DIY item:

Maybe it's all for the best that we can't read the menu very clearly.  I weep at the thought of the food that I did not get to eat at our wedding.  Let me clarify, I did manage to sample every single course, but at suboptimal temperatures, and at the expense of socializing/tearing up the dance floor.  For instance, I missed the flaming desserts while they were ablaze, but did manage to swallow whole like 2 balls of icecream and warm Banana Foster substance.  Similarly, while no one was watching, I poured some cake down my throat, taking care to briefly taste all cake components as they hit my tongue valleculae on their way down (chocolate cake, vanilla cake, delicious buttercream).

Hmm, now I am reminiscing fondly about the wedding soup, hmmm.  My cousin/matron of honor made me eat a bread roll as I visited her table. But THEN, here's the best part: when Mike and I returned home from our honeymoon, we had 3 packed meals still sitting in the fridge representing the 3 entrees we had chosen. Though I selected the filet mignon on my wedding day and only ate a few bites of it, a week after the wedding, I enjoyed parmesan chicken AND crab-stuffed flounder in the comfort of my kitchen.  So why am I weeping and kvetching at all? 

Here's why--I missed the premium bar upgrade I fought so hard for! I only managed to sip a little of my toasting champagne and some zinfandel while waiting in the bridal suite. Waaah, I wish I had a single drink composed of all the premium liquors: a cornucopia of upgraded divine alcoholism. 

I wish I had 4 bride stomachs.  But other than that, our wedding was pretty much a dream come true :)

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