Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oldies from 2010 and 2011

I found some old outfits (mostly from wintertime, it seems) that I had initially overlooked!
Hey, I think I kind of like them!  
As noted per post title, these are like from waaay back when I wasn't a powerful (but benevolent) medicine super-senior resident like I am now.

1. Anne Klein coat, grandma cardigan, H&M jeans, Nine West boots, J Crew belt
2. J Crew shirt, thrifted sweater skirt, Paris Hilton boots, Aldo bag, Target necklace
3. H&M shirt (which is now studded), Zara skirt, J Crew belt, trusty ol' leopard flats, Target + H&M necklaces
1. Dress made in Vietnam, shoes from Vietnam, thrifted shell belt
2. Jacket from Gabe's "beau bois" is the brand, LOFT jeans, UO shoes. Scarf is gift from my hubbie.
3. Sweater gift from mom, skirt made in VN, Gap belt, DKNY tights, Paris Hilton boots, D&B bag
Pager is from the dark underbelly of society.

Sweater is a mom hand-me-down, H&M jeans, J Crew belt and coat, shoes from VN 
A "day to night" transition where I shed a sweater skirt in exchange for a sweater!
1. At work: H&M top, skirt is gift from mom from Paris, Paris Hilton boots, Target pearl necklace
2. After work:  sweater from VN, I was wearing leggings all along! (it was cold)

1. ?sweater, Anthropologie "Just So" skirt, J Crew belt, earrings from Charlotte Russe
2. J Crew turtle neck, Old Navy skinny cargos, shoes from VN
3. LOFT cardigan, Charlotte Russe tank top, Old Navy skirt, Steve Madden wedges

1. American Eagle tee, Seven jeans, shoes from VN, J Crew belt
2. grandma sweater, Old Navy tank, James Jeans, ?shoes, F21 purse
3. J Crew shirt, LOFT pants, ?shoes (they are from the same boutique as the shoes from #2)

Conclusions drawn:
- I really like skinny belts, especially that J Crew belt
- heels make the outfit, but I still wear flats the majority of the time

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