Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Atop the Roof with my Marco Tagliaferri Bag

A snapshot of life not as a doctor: Last night Mike, our friend Shana and I visited the roof for the first time this summer.  We sipped Lindemans Framboise and waxed poetic about summer BBQ's, life transitions, and the time that our other mutual friend ran over my heel with her car...

Today, I returned to the roof with my camera.  I had a full day of going to the bank, returning some merchandise to Target, purchasing new measuring spoons (finally, I now own a 1/4 tsp--the days of overdoing the Allspice are over!), and...bringing home some $10 shoes from Famous Footwear.

After the wedding, I've spent a considerable amount of time on Photoshop since our wedding photography package included all the raw photos.  Photoshop can do more than my brain and fathom, but at least I know how to use the Auto Curves feature.

I really like how my bag looks sitting by itself on the ledge. I didn't overstuff it today because I actually had to carry it around town.
The rest of my outfit is...
Top: made in Vietnam (by our favorite tailor, of course) off a photo in a Mango catalogue.  I was introduced to Mango when I studied abroad in Madrid.
Jeans: Paris Blues, and they are from at least college if not high school.
Bracelets: purple from J Crew and red from Amish Country! The Amish are stylish.
Shoes: $10 from Famous Footwear :)

This is my favorite picture of the day.

I really like using filters. I should get Instagram but I don't have a smart phone.

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