Friday, August 24, 2012

Painter Tee Versatility and My New Target Finds

Today, a purchase that topped off the sum of an online purchase to qualify for free shipping gets duly recognized for its versatility, which was initially overlooked.  (Other times, those items get returned to the store after they have served their purpose: to save me $7.95 on shipping.)

My J.Crew painter bateau tee (here in solid hues), which is striped as evident below, earned its stripes last week.  It is made of a comforting textured/slubbed cotton. It felt like an old loved favorite when it first arrived so I decided to keep it :)

Here it is, going to a friend's birthday party:
Jacket: old, I ironed studs on to spice it up--post coming soon!
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Etienne Aigner

Going to dinner with my lady friends:
Skirt: Rue21, oldie!
Shoes: Zara
Here it is with some Target purchases (ponte skirt and suede wedges):

And with Forever 21 ponte pants:

These pants have gold zipper details on the ankle and the back.  Realistically, I will likely never tuck my shirts inside them because it evokes a time of poorer taste in fashion when stretch pants (+/- stirrups) were high-waisted and hair was big and stiff.  But the back zipper is a nice touch, reminiscent of my beloved Pixie pants from J.Crew.  And I love how the gold stands out on top of the blue. Compared to the Pixie pants, the ponte fabric is much less substantial, but still sufficient to wear as pants. If you beg to differ, please speak now or forever hold your peace when I debut these outside of the apartment. I am currently "into" this bright saturated blue. Can't wait to wear this hue head to toe!

I am very happy with my Target purchases! The ponte skirt is so soft and low maintenance. It comes in 9 colors and gets great reviews on the website. The color I purchased is "carmen red", though I could only detect a slight difference in hue between that and "deep berry."  This skirt was a topper purchase to make it to free shipping (shh, don't tell it).  But, especially when paired with the painter tee, it looks so nice and work-appropriate yet with a punch of personality (bright Rrred). Plus, it's so soft I don't want to take it off.  

The suede wedges are surprisingly comfortable and versatile. The only other pair of shoes I got from Target (yellow cutout flats) are so ridiculously worn out after one year.  I think that is a testament to their comfort and frequency worn, rather than quality. 

Last but not least, I also procured my first maxi dress from Target in this purchase (which was made possible by the back to school 20% off discount from last week).  Incidentally, it is also my first one shoulder garment.  I want to brainstorm ways to dress it up vs. down. One thing I do does NOT look good under my slightly over-sized white coat.  So I guess I won't be wearing it to work :-p

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