Friday, February 18, 2011

Carnation carnival

I've got wedding on the brain. Ever since I booked the venue last week, the Bridezilla Quyen has reemerged.  I've decided to make all of the bouquets, boutonierres, and centerpieces.  Naysayers can take the one-way bus to Boring Town, I'm going to do whatever I want and today I'm having a Carnation Carnival! Carnations are poofy and budget-friendly, what more can I ask for?

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This is what my bridesmaids and I plan to look like:

you probably think it was hard to find a picture of us out there on the
internet just like that.  Well, it wasn't.
We are going to stomp on you with our stillettos.
Note: wedding colors are lilac and burgundy

So the job is to use red flowers everywhere!! Including the centerpieces.  And I am really weird but I have a no green rule. Maybe the yellow-green of young stems will be ok but dark greenery and thick shrubbery = scream.
Anyway, with the help of bulk flowers from costco and some experimentation, I think this will work out and it will be fun!  I was so excited at the prospect that I showered for under ten minutes this morning and went off to buy flowers and vases for a test run.

I came home with 5 red carnations, 2 pink carnations,
6 red roses, and 1 pink rose.
The reason why I didn't get all red flowers was because
while I was deliberating what to get, this lady went and
took half the bucket of red carnations! What in the carnation!

Then I made a French spiral bouquet and tied it up with a red ribbon.
After this I proceeded to take a million pictures of me with the bouquet.

I am wearing: Charlotte Russe T shirt, J Crew bi-stretch wool minnie pants in green (or 'parsley')

  After I was satisfied, I dismantled the bouquet and made some table arrangements.  While I was doing this, a few of the carnation heads fell off where the hinge on the stem was.  Bleh.  No matter, I was going to try out some "floating flowers" set up anyhow!

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  1. Yay wedding! We're doing pink carnation flower-balls for centerpieces too! Yay for cheap and cute flowers!

    Love, your cousin Megen