Saturday, February 26, 2011

I love my Carlin Coat!

This was starting out to be a pretty regular posting experience, cutting and pasting pictures here and there, uploading this and that....well at one point i set the laptop down on a slope of pillows on the couch and got up to do something.  As i looked back, I watched in horror as my laptop slid off, making contact with the floor on its head and doing a tumble, closing itself in the process.  Shudder.

I will now gingerly type my rave about the J Crew Double Cloth Carlin coat.  This was a fall-winter 2009 creation but I am still in love with it today! I have it in the wild blackberry color which is hard to capture on film.  It is essentially a dark bluey purple, but it looks blue, navy, purple depending on the lighting. It's ok because I know in my head what color it is. The coat's tailoring details are awesomely subtly chic.  The shape of the coat from the front view is just right: slimming and crisp, not underdone or overdone.  Then on the back, a surprise: a POOF! just perfect.  And the big googly buttons add a charming detail.

Behold, the coat from all views.  Note the poof in the back.

All in all a coat that I fell in love with immediately when I tried it on at the neighborhood J Crew store.  I languished over the price tag, wishing it wasn't $295 or whatever it was originally.  I even had a few stints buying other purple coats but ended up returning them.  There is no substituting a first love. I was very adamant about the purple color, but this coat came in various other lovely colors, such as PINK.

Lastly, I want to reveal something private: the inside of the coat. The inside of garments is the wearer's secret delight.  These are the details that make women grow irrationally attached to inanimate objects and care for them tenderly.

1) cashmere sweater from Mom, H&M skinny jeans, shoes from Vietnam, Jcrew belt
2) Scarf from F21, ?School of Women jeans, Nine West boots
3) scarf from Mom, unknown jeans and boots
4) a furry vest (BB Dakota), Paris Blues skinny jeans, gap mittens on strings! shoes from Vietnam

I did not get the coat with Thinsulate because that was an extra $20 or so.  Though now that I think about it, that doesn't seem to be such a big deal if it would help add extra warmth.  For example, that thought crossed my mind during this episode:

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  1. I just typed a long comment about how I don't understand skinny jeans. It was funny. I tried posting it, and saw it would post under Talia's account. That won't do. I tried logging out of Talia's account and logging in again under my account... and I lost everything I had typed.

    Needless to say, I still don't understand skinny jeans.