Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Blue Parfait Week

This past weekend, I painted my nails in a glorious color called blue parfait.  The nail polish is at least 7 years old but somehow isn't all goopy. It is Covergirl brand.  And now, I bring you the entire week in outfits!

H&M shirt
 JCrew Minnie pants
Gap belt
Urban Outfitters shehs.
blue parfait nails

Sunday & Monday
Sunday: sweater- Benetton, Paris Blues skinny jeans, no shoes!
Monday: American Eagle cardigan, blouse tailored in Vietnam, J Crew belt, Anthropologie skirt, leopard flats

On Tuesday, I put together 3 different black/white patterns which surprisingly worked out:
H&M blouse, Old Navy skirt, Gap bow belt, leopard flats
J Crew coat on top!
::direct gaze toward rogue hair::

Wednesday & Thursday
Wednesday: H&M shirt, pants tailored in Vietnam, unknown shoes, earrings made at bead store
Thursday: Limited shirt, skirt- thrifted, Target belt, Calvin Klein shoes

Well that's all for now.  It's not really the full week, but I did start on Saturday so the outfit ideas are draining fast!  Time for a beauty rest.

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