Sunday, March 6, 2011

a sneak peak

One phrase to explain it all--4th year of medical school.
This is another bridezilla moment except that it has been surprisingly long-sustained so I am probably a permanent bridezilla, or rather, just neurotic. It all started with me deciding to make all of the wedding stationery myself.  Let's just say that it was too late to turn back when I spent $50 on 750 sheets of really long 33" x 6" shiny purple paper.  The shiny purple paper and I certainly had some adventures last spring but it is too early to unveil those right now.  I will share a more recent adventure: TODAY'S ADVENTURE!!

Left: multitudes of linoleum printed birdies
Right: carved eraser stamps, trusty corner punch


  1. That's really beautiful Quyen!

  2. Fantastic! Reminds me a little of some of the stamped elements in certain types of Chinese painting. I know very little about Asian art, so I won't say anything, for fear of sounding silly. But I do like the stamps quite a lot. The whole effect is remarkably personal.