Sunday, December 9, 2012

(Heather) Acorns and Blackberries

I started heavily shopping at J.Crew during medical school.  My devotion was signed, sealed, delivered when I came into possession of the Double Cloth Carlin Coat in 'blackberry.'

I never know my true sizing in J.Crew speak.  Overall I suppose the sizing has been consistent.  My coat is in regular 0, I made this choice because in Fall 2009 I don't think 00 was available, otherwise it would have afforded a better fit on my disproportionately thin torso.  On the other hand, everyone (my mom) always recommends leaving coats slightly loose for layering sweaters underneath. This advice has attained increased relevance in my new hypothyroid state.

Skirt: J.Crew
Scarf: gift from my mother-in-law
Top: Gabe's
Flats: J.Crew Last Straw Ballet Flats (this was a disappointing purchase; the straw is fraying all over the place)
Bag: Marco Tagliaferri
Nails: Wet n' Wild polish that is more than 10 years old.
Earrings: Estate Sale find
Gloves: H&M

Even though I will now remain loyal to petite sizes for tops, after mulling over my recent J.Crew skirt purchases, I have decided that I will no longer get their skirts in petite. (In general, I should probably hold off on getting ANY more skirts period.) I keep lamenting that this skirt falls above my patella.  I am strongly considering letting down the hem on this skirt and probably the Sterling skirt, too, but I am fearful of destroying them in the process.

Why does the color "blackberry" elevate all outfits? J.Crew, your unique + brilliant tints bewilder my impressionable mind.

I spoke during the last post of finding the appropriate color pairings to fully exploit the understated elegance of 'heather acorn.' I am finding that earthy tones and warm colors best achieve this.

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