Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mousse Tracks

My dad has been getting Bon Appetit magazine. After he is done with them, he hands them over to me. I usually leaf through cover to cover, longingly drooling at the food photography and complicated culinary concepts.

One day, I decided to invite my friends Shana and Grace over to tackle the chocolate mousse recipe.

It was awesome.

We actually made real dinner, too.  By "we" I meant Shana, who believed that mousse should be preceded by actual food. Girlfriend brought over some chicken and veggies and all of a sudden, there was chicken marsala AND vegetable side dishes! Food groups! By "food groups" I am also going to include wine and mousse, which we had.

It was definitely a group effort to make the mousse.  I did not take any pictures of the process because I had a hard time understanding the instructions.  Thus, we ended up using the Kitchenaid bowl to melt the egg yolk over a water bath without touching the (troubled) water. And then using a hand mixer to mix everything else whilst the Kitchenaid itself was sitting there wondering why it was being benched for the inning.

That last paragraph was probably not worth deciphering. Let's look at some mousse. Yummmm.

I guess it should look obvious that we put the mousse into some tiny heart-shaped teacups and 1 small ramekin. Just thought I'd clarify.

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