Saturday, April 13, 2013

Interior Decorating Stories: Iden-Table Crisis

I have a 1950's formica kitchen table that is old and bright yellow.

You've probably seen it lurking in the background. Sometimes it's in an outfit post. Other times, there's food on it. It's my crazy yellow table that I can't seem to part with.

Despite being a bright yellow table, it's disappointingly indistinct. It's just sitting there, under the food, under the Noah's Ark puzzle, playing second fiddle to the Marco Tagliaferri bag (oh wait, it was my intent to feature the bag in the picture). Therein lies the core of my concerns.  I don't want an indistinct table! I want an awesome one! This table has been our kitchen table since 1996.  My parents got it from a thrift store. My parents (and Mike) argue that its age, decrepitude, outdated look, and shameful tenure in a thrift-store qualifies the poor table for a one way trip to the local dumpster. Or at the very least, the local craigslist ad. 
Alas, Counselor Quyen will now present her side of the case with evidence obtained from the last several hours of intense pinning on Pinterest:
retro meets modern
Retro kitchen table

What do all these pretty pictures have in common? They all have retro tables! So much character, especially when juxtaposed in an otherwise contemporary decor setting. These pictures make it even harder for me to part from my table. Plus, I love yellow! Yellow stands out so briskly against cool neutrals. And these tables are not in tip-top shape either...the "aged" look is part of the retro package.

I just scrutinized my own table and two chairs and here is my assessment of the condition they are in:
Formica surface: very good, dare I say EXCELLENT
Chrome table edge: good
Table legs: slightly aged but not that noticeable. Missing 1 leg peg, whatever you call that.
Chairs: BLAH.

So, it's really down to the chairs which really stress me out. The vinyl is cracked on the seats. Someone attempted to repair the damaged vinyl with tape.  The legs are somewhat oxidized. Sadly, after a vigorous rub down with steel wool, nothing seemed to happen. Mrrrr. Now I am in a quandary. Let's just say, I think the future holds a staple gun purchase and a trip to the local upholstery shops.

An interior decorating adventure awaits us!

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