Sunday, January 15, 2012

Proof that I am Vietnamese: Making Xoi

I have been anguishing over the lack of xoi in my life for some time now.  My mom makes xoi in a contraption of an aluminum pot in which a straw basket sits, mystifying me ever since I was little.

Thus, I always associated xoi with magic and, therefore, unattainable for a mere mortal like me.  Xoi comes in so many flavors and colors that I had a hard time choosing which to make.  It was certainly a no-brainer to make Xoi with Lap Xuong (chinese sausage)...but why did the 2nd xoi turn out to be green? Mystic.

First I had to procure a steamer device.  The chinese store nearby did not have my mom's exact contraption so I bought a bamboo steamer.  I was instructed by various internet sources to line the steamer with muslin which I also didn't have so I lined it with a cut-up pillow case...awkward.

Post-soaking for ~4 hours, the wet grains are spread out onto the steamer tray.  I was excited that I bought a double decker steamer.  This doubled my steaming capacity!

The shallots and garlic are sauteed, then the Lap Xuong is added.  Aromas of awesome fill the air!!

Why is it that shallots and garlic look so pretty on a cutting board but so sad to cut? We shall never know...


Xoi Man with Lap Xuong


Xoi Dua (coconut) with green food coloring

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