Monday, September 17, 2012

Fern Friends

Mike and I went on a walk in the park/woods yesterday.  
I saw some fern dotting the woodsy landscape and was 'naturally' inspired to carve a fern stamp!
Fern are graceful and refreshing. Bright and lush!

Of course, I then proceeded to make a series of thank you cards out of these. One day, I may start a business out of these crazy thank you cards. For now, I call this the Fern Period.

In case anyone is wondering, the recipients of these cards are the folks who interviewed me for a fellowship training position in pulmonary/critical care medicine.

I can't help but make them different from one another--there are a million ways to create a design using just one stamp and a pallete of ferny colors.  I felt pretty good about myself when I came up with the idea to make ghostly gold ferns with a bold fern on top! I get attached to these cards for their uniqueness and happy-accidental good results... and I just want to hoard them.

Look at the pretty sheen from the gold stamp ink and the slubby texture of the paper, such is joy.
I hope the people who receive them experience the ferny feeling that I got when creating them!
But juuuust to be sure, I slapped this stamp on the back ;)

And a big thank you to you, if you are out there reading about my fern friends!

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